A vampire hunter fights to save a besieged city from an army of otherworldly creatures controlled by Dracula himself.
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S2E8 -End Times

The dead are buried, friends and enemies are scattered, and hard cho..

S2E7 -For Love

The battle lines are drawn. Comrade against comrade, father against ..

S2E6 -The River

Another city is about to fall to Dracula's castle, and Dracula himse..

S2E5 -Last Spell

The Belmont Hold is discovered. Dracula's War Council goes to war wi..

S2E4 -Broken Mast

Hector and Isaac take their first steps on divergent paths. Trevor a..

S2E3 -Shadow Battles

Carmilla plays political games with dark intent. Trevor and his comr..

S2E2 -Old Homes

Trevor, Sypha and Alucard take a dangerous path in their desperate a..

S2E1 -War Council

Dracula's generals gather to prosecute the war against humanity. The..

S1E4 - Monument

In the season finale, Belmont strives to save Gresit from certain do..

S1E3 - Labyrinth

Belmont explores the catacombs of Gresit and makes a disturbing disc..

S1E2 - Necropolis

Trevor Belmont drifts into the panicked city of Gresit, where he lea..

S1E1 - Witchbottle

A headstrong young woman seeks out forbidden knowledge, and a corrup..

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