House Hunters International


Home hunters and their realtors check out all sorts of architectural styles and work through the idiosyncrasies of buying real estate in other countries.
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S133E5 -Have BabyWill Tra..

A globetrotting couple follows a job opportunity to Johor Bahru, Mal..

S132E13 -A Family Feud in..

After eight years in Canada, a couple decides to move with their two..

S132E8 -Finding Balance o..

A newly engaged couple looks for their next adventure on his home tu..

S132E2 -A Tradition of Si..

When a young professional secured a job teaching English in Cambodia..

S131E12 -Return to Lyon

A couple that moved their young family to Lyon, France, 15 years ago..

S131E5 -Something New in ..

A Utah couple with a young baby decides to make the move to New Zeal..

S130E4 -Rolling on the Ri..

After years of Minnesota's brutally cold winters affecting their you..

S129E10 -A Taste for Trav..

Twenty years after a backpacking trip to Italy inspired them to move..

S129E9 -Life Imitates Art..

Debbie has been a fixture in the New York City art world for years, ..

S128E11 -Beauty and Tulip..

Kim, a beauty industry leader living in New York City, and Hein, a f..

S128E4 -A Family Affair i..

When Tiffany landed a teaching position in Umea, Sweden, it wasn't j..

S128E2 -A London Loft for..

Canadians Mac and Giulia are embarking upon a new city, new jobs, a ..

S127E13 -Polar Opposites ..

A couple is risking everything for the opportunity to own and operat..

S127E5 -Daughter Knows Be..

After a five-week stay in Bressanone, Italy, an executive coach was ..

S127E2 -First Home Alone ..

A job opportunity brought world traveler Gitanjali from Reno, Nevada..

S127E1 -Setting Roots in ..

After traveling to Sitges, Spain, for almost a decade, Kim and Gil t..

S126E8 -England Now or Ne..

A couple with two kids follows a job transfer to England to fulfill ..

S126E4 -Checking Off a Goal

Newlyweds that share a passion for travel and want to work internati..

S126E2 -All About Style i..

A couple leaves Riga, Latvia, to be closer to her corporate headquar..

S125E8 -Big FamilyLittle ..

Chelsey, Steve and their six children are eager to explore a new cul..

S123E1 -Ballet in Lausanne

A woman is ready for a creative change in her family's life, so when..

S121E13 -Going Big in Bel..

A New Jersey family sells all their possessions and moves to the bea..

S121E12 -Facing Fears in ..

Matt and Aimee have fallen in love with Ecuadorian culture after spo..

S121E11 -Embracing Edinbu..

A woman who fell in love with the storybook atmosphere of Edinburgh,..

S121E10 -Location Jam in ..

After a 13-hour layover in Amsterdam, a woman is pushing her husband..

S121E9 -Adventures in Ant..

A family follows a job transfer to Antwerp, Belgium, but has differe..

S121E8 -Lots to Learn in ..

A couple heads to Cambridge, England, so he can get his Ph.D. and th..

S121E7 -Getting Back to G..

A single mother with an empty nest wants to return to Grand Bahama I..

S121E6 -The English Count..

After 17 years together, a sports reporter and economics teacher are..

S121E3 -Australian Foreve..

After being turned on to the wonder of Norfolk Island, Australia, a ..

S121E2 -Taking the London..

Texas newlyweds get the job opportunity of a lifetime in London. Now..

S121E1 -Amsterdam Family ..

A Canadian couple has dreams of moving to Amsterdam after spending t..

S120E13 -Finding Yourself..

A young woman leaves her life behind in Boston to search for enlight..

S120E11 -The Full Montepu..

A couple is moving to Italy and using their savings to start a bed a..

S120E10 -Finding Balance ..

A couple is taking advantage of his German citizenship and moving th..

S120E9 -The Purr-fect Hom..

An ambitious couple decides to leave their native California to move..

S120E8 -From Desert To Pr..

A New Mexico couple decides to move to the Netherlands for his job o..

S120E7 -Living Dangerousl..

An adventurous couple makes a spontaneous decision to leave Texas an..

S119E1 -Beach Life Dream ..

John and Aisha are living out their lifelong dream by moving from th..

S118E13 -Speaking Spanish..

A couple moves their family to Salamanca, Spain, so their daughters ..

S118E12 -Dropping Anchor ..

After working on a cruise ship for three years, Jacqueline wants to ..

S118E11 -Elvis Takes Aven..

A couple leaves Washougal, WA, to pursue his Elvis impersonator care..

S118E10 -Charmed by Sarla..

Hardworking New Englanders are looking to rekindle their romance and..

S118E1 -The Price of Puer..

Tired of long winters and work days, a Northern California man is re..

S117E13 -Family Roots in ..

Andrew and Tracy are looking for a home in Pacentro, Italy, a small ..

S117E12 -From the Jungle ..

After building a boutique hotel in the jungle of Costa Rica, a coupl..

S117E1 -House Fishing in ..

Texans Colt and Brook have lived in a travel trailer for two years t..

S116E7 -Continuing a Fami..

A couple with deep ties to Greece wants to buy a home in Paralio Ast..

S116E4 -Negotiating in No..

Robbie and Lindsay decide to move their two small children from Port..

S116E2 -A Space to Study ..

After putting in her days in a small college space as a PhD candidat..

S116E1 -Bringing Up Baby ..

After years of solo travels, a couple is undertaking a grand adventu..

S93E26 - 01.22.2018 Charm..

Hardworking New Englanders are looking to rekindle their romance and..

S93E25 - 01.08.2018 Elvis..

A couple leaves Washougal, WA, to pursue his Elvis impersonator care..

S93E24 - Jan.01.2018 Hous..

Texans Colt and Brook have lived in a travel trailer for two years t..


A couple with three sons is tired of the Toronto rat race and decide..

S93E22 - Dec.20.2017 Vamo..

A couple looks to celebrate the completion of a massive renovation o..

S93E21 - Dec.13.2017 Dani..

A Texas couple wants to introduce their son to his heritage by buyin..

S93E20 - Dec.12.2017 Fres..

A Nashville couple that separated due to overwhelming lifestyles fel..

S93E19 - Dec.05.2017 Livi..

After months of treatment, a cancer survivor and his..

S93E18 - Dec.04.2017 Stud..

After putting in her days in a small college space as a PhD candidat..

S93E17 - Nov.24.2017 From..

A Minnesota couple is excited to find new adventures after following..

S93E16 - Nov.06.2017 Cous..

A mother wants to return to her hometown of Kingston, Jamaica, to gi..

S93E11 - Oct.3.2017 Desig..

After 40 years of the daily grind as a designer in NYC, Fern is read..

S93E10 - Oct.02.2017 Beac..

A new job in Melbourne, Australia, is uprooting a Nashville family f..

S93E9 - Sept.22.2017 Sett..

World traveler Chris loves stand-up paddleboarding and dogs, so for ..

S93E8 - Sept.21.2017 Heal..

Fitness buffs Jeff and Carol are ready to leave freezing Pennsylvani..

S93E7 - Sept.18.2017 Seyc..

After deciding to work for herself, a woman chooses the remote Seych..

S88E11 -A Year In Glasgow

Sarah loves animals, sometimes more than people. And she loves life ..

S88E9 -Return to the Shire

Before she married William, Nicolle lived as a single girl in Scotla..

S87E11 -A Slightly Auckla..

Newlyweds who want to spend more time together hope to find a better..

S87E8 -Mother Knows Best ..

A young woman finds her mother's advice unhelpful as the two women c..

S87E6 -So You Think You C..

Erin and Stuart have a storied history in France; they got engaged i..

S87E5 -We CameWe SawWiesb..

A rental home for a blended family of six on one income is sought in..

S87E3 -Crucita the Beauti..

Ken and Kim have always lived conservatively. They built their Kentu..

S87E2 -Big CityBig Beache..

A young couple move to Tel Aviv, Israel, with a strict budget and on..

S87E1 -Big Plans in Birmi..

A move to Birmingham, England, by young parents who are new to city ..

S86E13 -I've Berlin to Pa..

After 20 years away from his family, German native Peter wants to go..

S86E12 -His New Job Moves..

Colorado couple Brit and David always yearned for a life abroad, so ..

S86E11 -Starting a Busine..

Expectant parents move to Medellin, Colombia, with the hopes of star..

S86E9 -Opposites Attract ..

Simon accepted a two-year job assignment in Sofia, Bulgaria, that wi..

S86E6 -Great Scotland!

ARod brings his long distance marriage to an close by finally moving..

S86E5 -Two Schools of Tho..

A couple who have received scholarships to Lund University in Sweden..

S86E4 -Picking Up Suva-ni..

A new job has Nate, Olya, and their four boys leaving the chilly win..

S86E3 -South Yarra Is the..

Alex and Laura are always looking to expand their horizons, so when ..

S86E2 -Ready to Relax in ..

The demands of owning a sports bar and being a nurse had Les and Kar..

S79E8 -Road Trip to Puert..

The dream of owning a chiropractic business abroad brings an Arizona..

S79E2 -Here TodayYangon T..

A recruiter in Hong Kong decides to pursue a change of pace in Myanm..

S77E8 -Lets Talk Turks an..

Homes that offer both charm and potential capital are toured in Salt..

S76E12 -Family of Four Ex..

A family from Minnesota search for a Caribbean condo as their second..

S76E8 -Muling It OverKiss..

A move to Swan Valley, Australia, by newlyweds who are ready for a s..

S76E4 -Keep the City Just..

A fun family move from Budapest to Sitges, Spain, and debate whether..

S76E3 -Home on the Danden..

An aspiring master chef follows his dream of opening his own restaur..

S76E2 -Settling Down in H..

A pair of travel enthusiasts follow a career opportunity to Hong Kon..

S75E1 -Manuel Antonio Pur..

A couple living in upscale southern California with their two young ..

S74E12 -Spending More in ..

Jon often dreamed of living abroad but he has always had reservation..

S74E8 -Leaving the Nest f..

Canadians Kate Middleton and Kim Fahrion met at university and quick..

S74E4 -Dare to Repair in ..

Bill and Mary Ann spent most of their adult lives working in law. Al..

S73E13 -Brussels In Your ..

Ever since he spent time abroad as a college student, Reid has wante..

S73E6 -Looking to Escape ..

Before they were married, Donna and Gary loved the conveniences of l..

S73E4 -Looking for Room t..

Leaving his snowy Canadian backcountry for her native Sunshine Coast..

S72E9 -Seeking Happiness ..

Nick left his home in York, England, at the age of 18 and has been t..

S71E11 -Pumped to Experie..

Mark and Terra were settled in Kansas City, but a job offer presente..

S69E12 -A Taste of Your O..

Ana and Andres have known each other their whole lives, growing up t..

S69E11 -New Jobs and Room..

Sharing a love of Spanish culture, three young American women return..

S69E9 -A New Take On Talc..

Even though they're originally from Chile, Consuelo isn't happy abou..

S69E8 -Let The Sunshine I..

After desperately trying to manage his seasonal affective disorder i..

S69E7 -A Young Couple Str..

Fed up with long distance dating, Anita decided it was time to leave..

S69E1 -Beachfront on a Bu..

After years spent working in corporate America, La Verne Clark had t..

S68E13 -Thrown Under the ..

Drew and Shannon found the perfect home in the perfect town in Ohio,..

S37E11 -Schooled in Manil..

In search of an international learning experience for their family, ..

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